The Do's and Don'ts of False Eyelash Adhesives

The magic of false eyelashes is often held in place by the unseen hero: eyelash adhesive. A dab of glue not only anchors your stunning lashes but also ensures they stay put, making your eye makeup pop. However, the world of lash glues can be sticky, with an overwhelming variety of options and a list of best practices as long as your luscious lashes. Navigating this can be tricky, but with the right knowledge, you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure a flawless hold every time.

Adhesive Application Mastery

In this article, we dive into the do's and don'ts of false eyelash adhesives, breaking down the essential steps to secure your lashes firmly and comfortably. Whether you're a seasoned lash lover or new to the game, mastering the use of lash glue is fundamental to achieving that seamless lash look.

The Do's

We’ll cover all the bases, starting with the 'do's': choosing the right adhesive for your skin type, applying the perfect amount for a stronghold without the mess, and waiting for the ideal tackiness level before setting your lashes in place. These steps are crucial to not only keep your lashes on but also to protect your natural lashes and eyelids from damage.

The Don'ts

Equally important are the 'don'ts': We'll discuss why it's essential to avoid certain ingredients that may cause irritation, why more glue isn’t always better, and the reasons you should never rush the drying process.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Adhesive woes can turn the dream of perfect lashes into a nightmare. To spare you the distress, we'll provide troubleshooting advice for those times when your lashes decide to lift at the corners or when residue seems impossible to remove.


By the end of this guide, the do's and don'ts of eyelash adhesives will be as familiar to you as applying mascara. Armed with these tips, your lash game will be stronger and longer-lasting, and your eyes will thank you for the tender loving care. So let’s set the stage for a flawless lash experience, where the only thing you’ll worry about is garnering all the right attention for your stunning eyes.