Which False Eyelash Style Is Best For My Eyes?

Which False Eyelash Style Is Best For My Eyes?

False eyelashes are a great way to enhance your eyes for a special event or night out. But with so many styles to choose from, how do you know which ones will look best on you? Consider these tips for picking the right false eyelash shape and design for your eye shape and makeup style:

Determine Your Eye Shape

Eye shapes can be categorized as round, almond, hooded, downturned, or upturned. Figure out which shape your eyes are to help narrow down lash options. For example, rounded eyes suit wispy, flared lashes while downturned eyes look great with lashes that lift at the outer corners.

Consider Lash Length

The length of the false lashes should complement your eye size. Small or hooded eyes can be overwhelmed by ultra-long lashes while larger eyes can pull off a more dramatic look. Go for a medium length lash if you're not sure. Stay away from anything too long or short for your eyes.

Focus on Lash Density

The thickness and number of lashes in the strip or cluster will determine the boldness of the look. Full, thick lashes make more of a statement while lighter, wispier lashes are more subtle for daytime. Medium density is versatile for most eyes.

Compare Lash Styles

Common lash styles include natural, cat-eye, crisscross, individual clusters, and full banded lashes. Natural and cat-eye suit most eye shapes. Crisscross and clustered add fun for a glam night out. Full banded lashes work better on larger eyes.

Consider Band Transparency

Clear bands blend in with skin and are invisible while black bands create a bolder makeup look. Go for a clear band if you want a seamless application. Use black if you want definition at the lashline.

With so many false eyelash types out there, it can take some trial and error to find the perfect style for your eye shape and makeup preferences. Keep these tips in mind to pick lashes that will accentuate and open up your eyes beautifully. The right lashes can take your look to the next level.